Human Acts is an independent charity, free of any political or religious affiliation. Its objective is to mobilise public opinion, raise awareness and get citizens involved in actions supporting human and environmental rights. We spread local information on how people could be indirectly and/or involuntarily implicated in some human tragedies in the world.

Human Acts does not express a judgement on any organisation, government or a group of individuals, but wants to show everyone how we need to change substantially our way of consuming goods in order to preserve the integrity of all.

The project “Human Acts for Congo” was the result of an initiative seeking to disseminate information concerning sexual violence in the region of Kivu located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This region is extremely rich in ores, and coltan which is a crucial raw material for the production of electronics. For nearly fifteen years, armed bands and rebels ravage this region and use rape as a weapon in order to chase local communities from their villages and take control of it. The main objective of this project is to ensure a widespread awareness of this issue in order to stop sexual violence and impunity in the East of the DRC. To do this, we believe it is essential to gain popular and international support. And this can only come from a continued and conscientious work. Hence our interest – and of those other associations working in a similar vein – to diversify our means of communication. We also believe that the mobilisation of women from different communities constitutes a moral support for the victims in Congo.